story analyst script supervisor, story analyst, continuity supervisor, screenwriter, script writer, Santa Monica, Los Angeles
script supervisor
book editor
TESTIMONIALS From Directors "You caught things so I didn't have to,   and I could focus on the creative." From Directors of Photography "It's not always easy speaking up in the heat of filming, but your comments were always valuable." From Editors "Your notes made my life so much easier."
SCRIPT SUPERVISOR AND CONTINUITY: CINEMATOGRAPHER   TO THE CINEMATOGRAPHER Make Each Frame Count You're spending your time in the moment, working with the director, the talent, and the crew to set up the shots. It's often impossible to have to think about contiguous shots from two weeks ago or what's going to be shot next week at the same moment you're trying to get today's pages into the can.  As continuity supervisor, Laura Matthews can connect those dots for you, so you don't have to. Her meticulous records reveal in an instant what has to happen when on screen. A quick shout over your shoulder, and you'll know what you need to know to ensure continuity. You won't have to break your stride in the least, and can focus on doing your job—filmmaking.
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