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SCRIPT SUPERVISOR AND CONTINUITY: DIRECTOR  TO THE DIRECTOR Focus on the Vision Your highest priority in filmmaking is ensuring that your creative vision makes it to the screen. To that end, you need to spend your time on set in the full-blown creative process, not encumbered by trying to remember technical details or piecing together continuity. It's essential then to have a scripty who understands the importance of handling those details for you.  Put Laura Matthews' eagle eye to work for you. As a visual "right hand," Laura will ensure that no detail is missed, that every scene is covered, and that every frame is usable in the editing room. With Laura on your team, you can focus on what's important—the vision.
TESTIMONIALS From Directors "You caught things so I didn't have to,  and I could focus on the creative." From Directors of Photography "It's not always easy speaking up in the heat of filming, but your comments were always valuable." From Editors "Your notes made my life so much easier."