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SCRIPT SUPERVISOR AND CONTINUITY: FILM EDITOR   TO THE FILM EDITOR Find the Best Shot How frustrating is it to have yards and yards of film or tape, with no delineation as to which shot is the most usable? Having to go through each clip without written guidance is a waste of timeā€”and money.  And what a relief it is to see script notes with that neat circle drawn around the right cut! Augment that relief with the joy of seeing detailed continuity notes and specific dialog changes per shot, and you'll approximate what it's like to work with notes from Laura Matthews. Laura writes down everything, from camera angles and focal lengths to the weird way the actor took the blocking for the second take of the third setup. It's the closest thing you'll find to actually being on the set yourself.
TESTIMONIALS From Directors "You caught things so I didn't have to,   and I could focus on the creative." From Directors of Photography "It's not always easy speaking up in the heat of filming, but your comments were always valuable." From Editors "Your notes made my life so much easier."
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